Quickify – The Up-to-Date Reader

All formats eBooks, web articles and RSS reader with Text-to-Speech and Speed-Reading modes:

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Crafted for the Modern Reader

All-inclusive reading: eBooks, web articles, newsletter, RSS. Changing how you experience reading.

Sit Back and Let It Read to You

The Text-to-Speech feature provides a hands-free reading option, perfect for on-the-go lifestyles. Continue reading while you're walking, working out, or during your busy moments.

Read as Fast as you Think.

Our advanced four Speed-Reading modes are designed to match the pace of your thoughts, enabling quicker comprehension and a more engaging reading experience.

Innovative Speed-Reading Methods

Choose from a variety of speed-reading methods, including Rapid Serial Visual Presentation (RSVP, also known as Spritz), Bionic, Cursor and more.

Personalized Library

Organize, manage, and read all your favorite content in one place with the Auto-Sort Smart-Folders feature.

Text Higlights and Translation

Highlight to remember your thoughts for later, and easily translate text into different languages.

Day/Night Themes

Choose from a variety of themes, including Day, Night, and Pure Black for AMOLED.

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